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Slice of Life 13: Weather or Not, the Sequel

By Janice Ewing

Last night we had our first face-to-face grad class of the semester, having had the first session online due to tons of snow in Philadelphia. I had been wondering what the effect would be of meeting on a discussion board before meeting in person. (This was the subject of Slice of Life 3: Weather or Not.) During our online conversation they had seemed to be a friendly and reflective group. Read more

Slice of Life 12: The Power of the Notebook — It’s Personal

By Janice Ewing

One of the strategies we’re focusing on in my grad class is the use of the writers’ notebook. This is a new concept to several teachers in the class, although most have used journals of one kind or another. I’m looking forward to learning along with them as they try out this practice in teaching situations that range from kindergarten to secondary, including an alternative secondary center for formerly incarcerated youth who are earning credits towards high school graduation. Read more

Slice of Life 11: Teacher Voice and Risk Taking

By Janice Ewing

Once again, the comments I received on my previous Slice of Life post have deepened my thinking. (I appreciate more and more how crucial the commenting component is to the SoL process.) Yesterday, I continued writing about the theme of teacher voice. One commenter noted that this is particularly challenging for teachers who are not in official leadership roles. Of course, that brings up a whole other set of issues about teacher leadership (the role versus the title), but her point is well taken. Many teachers might ask themselves, “Will others wonder why I’m speaking up?” “I’m not really an expert,” “There are so many others with more experience,” and similar thoughts. My thinking is that everyone should be speaking up when they have something to say, regardless of title or years under our belts. We’re all experts on our own experience. Read more

Slice of Life 10: More on Teacher Voice

By Janice Ewing

Yesterday, I wrote about a conference proposal that I am working on with two former grad students. I mentioned that they are wonderful teachers, who, like many others, have a lot to share, but are not entirely comfortable facing adult audiences. That observation sparked some interesting comments from some other slicers. Read more

Slice of Life 9: KSRA, an Opportunity for Collaboration and Mentoring

By Janice Ewing

I’m in the process of collaborating with two former grad students in writing up a proposal for the Keystone State Reading Association Conference. The conference is not until October, but the proposal applications are due April 1st. (Rose and Aileen, if you’re reading this, we’re getting there!) The KSRA conference is always enriching and enlightening, and this year, with Rose Capelli at the helm and Aileen Hower on the team, it promises to be stellar. Last year, I was a co-presenter with PAWLP fellows and friends Lynne Dorfman and Gaetan Pappalardo. Planning and presenting together were energizing, as anyone who knows them can appreciate! Read more

Slice of Life 8: Week 2 Challenge Check In

By Janice Ewing

It’s a week into SoL 15 and, as a first-timer, I’m thinking about what the experience has been like so far. The first word that comes into my mind is fluency.  Each morning I’ve written something, without a lot of self-censorship or second-guessing. I guess that speaks to the power of deadlines! Also, knowing that I’m writing the post for that day, not the oeuvre of a lifetime, is very freeing.

Read more