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Posts tagged ‘slice of life’

Slice of Life 19: A Day for Listening

By Janice Ewing

“Even the silence has a story to tell you. Just listen, listen.” This quote from Jacqueline Woodson was posted on the Two Writing Teachers site today as an inspiration for writing. It got me thinking about why really listening can be so hard. For me, and I guess for many of us, there’s almost a constant commentary running through my mind, not unlike the news feed below the actual news, interrupted by breaking news… Read more

Slice of Life 18: Grad Class, a Lighter Moment

By Janice Ewing Last week in my grad class a teacher fell off of her seat. How, I don’t know. One minute we were in the midst of a group discussion and the next minute she was on the floor laughing, fortunately. When the others saw that she was okay, they let themselves laugh too. I made sure that she was really okay, not just covering up embarrassment, and then paused as a realization washed over me. I thought about it for a minute, and then decided to share it with the class. This is what I told them. Read more

Slice of Life 17: Hide and Seek at Ikea – It’s a Thing

By Janice Ewing

You never know what you’ll hear on NPR. In this case it was BBC news, on NPR. Anyway, between pieces about the tragic flooding in Malawi and the closely-watched election in Israel, came an interview with a thirty year old Belgian woman who had organized a huge game of hide-and-seek for adults at her local Ikea store. Her age is relevant to the story, because when the interviewer asked what had possessed her to want to do this, she explained that, at age twenty-nine, she had had a sense of “getting old” and had created a list of “thirty things to do before the age of thirty.” Read more

Slice of Life 16: To Do List as Week Begins

By Janice Ewing

Expect to make mistakes

Acknowledge, forgive, keep going

Expect others to make mistakes

Acknowledge, forgive, keep going

Set plans Read more

Slice of Life 15: On Slices of Life and Slices of Pie

By Janice Ewing

Okay, so I’m a day late and a pie short for Pi Day, but here are some thoughts nonetheless, on the connection between a slice of life and a slice of pie.

A unique mix of ingredients

crafted with care

savory or sweet

often both

whether big or small

best shared with others

Read more

Slice of Life 14: A Rainy Saturday – No Problem!

By Janice Ewing

It’s a very rainy Saturday morning in the Philadelphia area. Not a problem. Everyone seems to be saying some version of “After all that snow, I don’t mind rain.” I’m right there with them. I can handle rain, especially when it that brings a hint of spring temperatures and new growth. Anyway, I have indoor plans today. I’m going to a local meeting of the Keystone State Reading Association (KSRA) at the home of one of the regional directors. She has lured us with the promise of brunch and collegial conversation. That’s a winning combination. Read more