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Posts tagged ‘slice of life’

Slice of Life 25: Teaching Humans

By Janice Ewing

Yesterday, I wrote about attending an informational session concerning the Being a Writer Program. The morning started with a collegial breakfast, and ended with my misplacing the validated parking ticket (of course I found it as soon as I got home, hiding in my messy purse), and receiving a get-out-of-the-parking-lot-free pass from the attendant because I was clearly coming from the same event as my colleagues. In between, there was a lot of food for thought.  In the previous post, I mentioned the assessment aspect of the program, which impressed me because much of it focused less on grades than on observation of writerly habits and participation in a writing community. Upon further reflection, something larger is standing out to me.  Read more

Slice of Life 24: Parking Lot Assessment

By Janice Ewing

This morning I attended an informational session about the Being A Writer program, held at a hotel in Philadelphia. The presentation was interesting and interactive. It didn’t hurt that the setting was comfortable and a delicious breakfast was served. There were many aspects of the program that fit well with the philosophy of the National Writing Project, including the emphasis on building a writing community, the concept of teacher as writer, and the use of mentor texts as models of writers’ craft. Read more

Slice of Life 23: Monday Morning Still Life

By Janice Ewing

sliceoflifeOne tabby lounges on my lap
purring with pleasure
as the other curls on a nearby chair
lazily watching us,
catching glimpses of birds
that taunt us with song
from just outside the window.

Read more

Slice of Life 22: On Writing and Renovation

By Janice Ewing

The quote of the day on the Two Writing Teachers’ site: “Start writing, no matter what. The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on.” – Louis L’Amour

I recognize this as a metaphor, but it has some literal connections for me as well. My husband and I recently had two bathrooms renovated. I had looked forward to choosing colors, vanities, and accessories, and thought the rest would be left to the experts. It did not turn out that way, entirely. We have an old house and apparently were living with lots of old problems, which had remained peacefully behind the scenes for years.    Read more

Slice of Life 21: Spring Comes to the Pennsylvania Writing and Literature Project

By Janice Ewing

Today actually felt like spring, even though slush still lingers from yesterday’s snow. It wasn’t just the warmer temperature and intermittent sunshine. Today was PAWLP’s Saturday Seminar, and spring was in the air at the West Chester Graduate Center. There was the fun of reconnecting with friends and colleagues, the anticipation of new learning and growth, and the energy of throwing open the windows to let in fresh ideas. Read more

Slice of Life 20: Snow on March 20

By Janice Ewing

Instead of warming breezes and brightening skies
we have a cover of clouds and dusting snow

Instead of promising green grass
we have still another white-blanketed lawn

Instead of watching for crocuses and robins
we’re checking for slick spots  Read more