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Posts tagged ‘slice of life’

Slice of Life 31: Possible Side Effects

By Janice Ewing

During the month of March, along with many others, I participated in the Slice of Life daily writing challenge (details at The facilitators did an amazing job, but, along with information they provided for first-timers, I would add the following –  Read more

Slice of Life 30: Lost and Found

By Janice Ewing

Lost in writing
is the good kind of lost
not the barren, colorless kind
we’ve all known so well Read more

Slice of Life 29: An Unexpected Book Club

By Janice Ewing

For as long as I can remember, my brother and I have led different reading lives. Growing up, I was the girl valiantly bringing home as many books as I could carry from the neighborhood library each week, in addition to collecting and devouring my beloved Nancy Drew mysteries. He pored over the coveted action hero comics of the day with his friends, eventually moving on to war and crime novels, while I grew into a love of character-driven realistic fiction.  Read more

Slice of Life 28: Writers’ Group

By Janice Ewing

At first it was called the Retired Writers Group, but that’s really a misnomer, as most of us are working in some capacity and we’re certainly not retired from writing.  A more fitting, although clunky name might be Flexible Enough to Meet During the Day Writers.  Actually, we’re doing just fine without a name.  Read more

Slice of Life 27: Conversation after Class

By Janice Ewing

I had been warned by a previous instructor that the night custodian was irritable, and just couldn’t wait for the class to leave so he could finish up his end-of-evening chores. I hadn’t met him until last night, when he came in to empty the trash. The last students had just left and I was still gathering my things.  Read more

Slice of Life 26: Time for Pattern Seeking

By Janice Ewing

We are approaching the conclusion of the month-long Slice of Life Challenge ( I had been aware of the challenge in past years, and read some of the posts, as well as some of the weekly SoL posts that appear on Tuesdays throughout the year, but this has been my first experience as a participant. I began the challenge with mixed emotions – interest, excitement, motivation to strengthen my writing muscles, and that “what am I getting myself into?” feeling as well. I wondered what I would write about, in what genre, and whether I would explore one topic in a variety of ways or wander around the landscape.  Read more