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Posts from the ‘Writerly Teaching’ Category

A Writerly Life: Wisdom from James Britton

We must always encourage our students to discuss their ideas because the “sea of talkstrengthens their writing and fosters intrinsic motivation.  

-Lauren Heimlich Foley (2016 participant of Grammar Matters)

Foley Adobe Spark

A Writerly Life: Wisdom from Georgia Heard

Writing should be expressive and enjoyable – a way to share your feelings and ideas.

-Shannon DeGeorge (2016 participant of Grammar Matters)


A Writerly Life: Wisdom from Brian Kelley

Let’s encourage our young authors by supporting their grammar and writing needs! We aren’t born knowing. We need teachers to show us the joy of learning; never lose sight of that.

-Kamal Hassan (2016 participant of Grammar Matters)


A Writerly Life: Wisdom from Stephen Tchudi

Teachers should encourage their students to improve their work, not perfect it! Coach them!

Jill Naylor (2016 participant of Grammar Matters)




A Writerly Life: Wisdom from Richard Price

This serves as a reminder to my students when writing about big issues to address the impacts on the individual.

-Kate Kelley (2016 participant of Grammar Matters)


A Writerly Life: Wisdom from Ralph Fletcher

A reminder to myself of what I love about language and why I want to share it with others.

-Jill Kummerer (2016 participant of Grammar Matters)