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Posts from the ‘Author’s Corner’ Category

Author’s Corner: Jan Cheripko

by Jan Cheripko

When readers, young or old, ask me which is my favorite work, I always say it’s the manuscript that has my current attention; the one I’m working on now. Since I work on many projects simultaneously – a discipline I learned as a newspaper reporter years ago – the answer to my favorite work may change from day-to-day.  I work on different types of manuscripts. Right now: two novels, a biography, two works for educators, a book of principles for teens, a picture book with an illustrator, as well as several articles for various publications. Read more

Author’s Corner: Frank Murphy

A Look at Process

I am often asked what my writing process looks like. At author visits, sitting on author panels, counseling an aspiring writer – this question about process always pops up. I think a good description of my professional writing experience (or process) is to say that it involves many “worlds”. Throughout the writing of a book, these “worlds” include: reading and imagining, note-taking and highlighting, Internet surfing and bookstore visits, traveling to historic sites (where I ask lots of questions and listen!). It may also include “worlds” that involve watching movies, documentaries, or even relevant TV shows. For me, all of these “worlds” expand and diminish and expand again as the process of creating a book develops (and even after I’m finished!). Some I visit for a few hours. Some I immerse myself into for days. Some of these little ‘worlds” are like a convenience store, in (I get my stuff) and out, quickly (onto the next stop).  Read more