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A Love Poem to Poems

Poetry is my favorite kind of writing and let me tell you why

In my opinion it is the easiest type of writing you can try.

Poems can be about whatever you may wish

The ocean, your baby brother, your favorite homemade dish

A poem can rhyme, but it surely doesn’t have to

You can make poems into shapes or write a nature haiku

A free verse poem doesn’t have any rules

Pantoums and acrostic poems are often taught in schools

Poems can be short or poems can be long

In poems punctuation and grammar are allowed to be wrong

Poems have lines, stanzas, and breaks.

When writing a poem, though, there are no mistakes

I love poems the most they brighten my day

Sometimes my poems have a lot to say

Because poems can crack your mind open wide

And let out a voice you didn’t know was inside!

Jen Greene ©2020

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  1. Katherine Barham #

    Poetry is a saving grace right now. Just finished a tanka:
    Your skin is stubble
    which leaves a granular wake
    but your belly smooth
    and white when sliced open and
    heart-shaped bites speak love and Spring.


    April 3, 2020
  2. maureen foley #

    Couldn’t agree more, kids love poems too! Reading them… writing them…listening to them… Poetry month 2020 is welcome more than ever. Be well.


    April 2, 2020

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