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September Snapshot: For the Love of Literacy

by Eileen Hutchinson

To instill a spark for wondrous words and lifelong learning, I READ.

To seek the truth and secrets that swim my in the pool of my soul, I WRITE.

To learning something new every day, I LIVE.

      As a passionate (K-5) reading specialist at East Bradford Elementary in the West Chester Area School District, I service all grade levels including English Language Learners and Title 1 students. After weeks of assessments and data meetings, groups are created based upon strengths and needs. My ultimate goal is for all my readers to make increased gains based on working their personal BEST. Mindful learning practices, with positive mantras, goal setting, brain breaks, or focus breathing are assimilated into lessons for productivity. 

     As I launch my groups in late September, I really work hard to build trust and community by fostering reading identity. For each grade level, I carefully select poems, songs, mentor texts, and quick writes to reflect on literacy attitudes and habits. For some groups, bi-lingual poems and twin texts are utilized to honor and celebrate diverse languages. Interactive read alouds, word play maps, poem chants, and meaningful text discussions facilitated by me are integrated to stem quality thinking for varied literacy purposes. Listed below are the mentor texts and prompts I employ at each grade level.  Below is the reading motto/mantra I post in my classroom.                          

Today I will:

Be an active reader with a great learning attitude

Do my personal BEST as a mindful thinker and problem solver!

Read to Succeed!!

Grade Text Quick Write/Writing Prompt
     KHedgie Loves to Read  
Douglas Wood
Chicka, Chicka, Boom! Boom!                                           Bill Martin, Jr.
This is ME
Self portrait/
Name Writing
     1Yes, I Can!  
Sam Mc Bratney
Bucket Filler poem
Yes, I Can….
I  fill a  bucket when I
     2I am the Book
Lee Bennett Hopkins     
I love _______books that…..                 Readers can….
     3Wild About Books
Judy Sierra
Hey, World Here I Am  
Jean Little
When I read a book,                      Today I will….
Peter Catalanotto
What is a book? (poem)
Book is…
Come, Come Reader….
     5 Song-This Is Me 
*The Greatest ShowmanSong
I Live– One Republic
I AM (Bio poem)       Reasons Why I Read/
Why I Write

**Stay tune for student pieces-I will gladly post in a few weeks, once I complete these literacy launch prompts!!