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Why teach argument writing?!

c3wp def.PNG

This afternoon I lead my department in a brief 30 minute introduction to NWP’s College, Career, & Community Writers Program. I started by posting the above explanation of C3WP and asking why we should teach our students argument writing. When we discussed, words and phrases like “read critically,” “multiple points of view,” and “respectful” came up repeatedly. We innately know as teachers that it is important for our students to be able to master these skills.

We also discussed the importance of the word finally. Most often we as arguerers take a stand first, then spend the remainder of our efforts reading and researching to support that opinion. However, C3WP’s approach encourages writers to get informed first, challenge their thinking, discuss and revise their opinions, and then finally take a stand. And it provides a wealth of resources to help us guide our students towards mastering this process multiple times throughout the school year.

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