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Live This Day: A Teacher to Teacher Post

by Lynne R. Dorfman

Watch the stars and see yourself running with them. ~Marcus Aurelius

When you surround yourself with positive people, do you feel more positive yourself?  Who are the positive people in your life?  I know that one of the reasons I get up early on a Saturday morning  and travel the 50 minutes to the Writing Project for Continuity Days is to feel the energy and be surrounded by “rays of light.”  It sounds like I am exaggerating, but really – I assure you I am not. These Writing Project fellows are my support group – always encouraging, challenging, validating my accomplishments and my goals. They love coming together and sharing. There is an easiness, a feeling of home.

As I walk into Room 200 in Main Hall on the West Chester University campus, I think about my good intentions and my commitment to the Project and our goals. As I participate through writing and talking and listening and sharing, I nurture my mind with great thoughts. I am reminded of all the wonderful PAWLP gatherings for spring and summer and look forward to PAWLP events like the unbook club – where you can participate without reading the book first and then consider if you want to read it. How cool is that!  Or the March 2nd PAWLPDAY that will feature Matthew Kay, Writing Project fellows, and an author panel. Taking turns to tweet for PAWLP, attending courses, or teaching for the Young Writers and Readers summer program for students – there are always possibilities!

It’s good to wish for and look forward to the wondrous things in life. ~Mary Smart

Every day we are presented with opportunities to do something for someone else and to do something that will take care of ourselves. We can do both!  It is important to do something for ourselves so we can be better listeners, caregivers, teachers, spouses, and friends. One simple thing we can do is make a list of things that worry us and leave them there on the page.  Then we can close our notebook and concentrate on more positive things.  Here is a list of my worries:

  1. Will I be able to meet all my deadlines this month?
  2. Can I find the perfect wedding gift for my goddaughter Caitlyn?
  3. Will I actually have enough money in my checking account to pay the tax bill by end March?
  4. When am I going to find the time to do spring cleaning – it’s coming?
  5. Am I going to be able to squeeze in time for cooking lesson? I need them badly!
  6. How can I keep to my exercise plan to get ready for Italy?
  7. What about learning Italian? I haven’t started yet!
  8.  Do I have to spray for a spotted lantern fly invasion this summer?
  9. What if the shore place is sold and I cannot find a place on LBI to rent for a week or two that is pet friendly?
  10. What if I cannot find a dress for Cait’s wedding in April that I like and fit into without looking like I am stuffed into it?

Okay. I am signing off and forgetting these worries. Time to do something more positive – like playing with the three Welsh Corgis….they love to fetch and it’s 50 degrees outside!  Feels and smells like spring is approaching!


PAWLPers make me smile!






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  1. janiceewing #

    Lynne, this is a beautiful tribute to PAWLP and to the strength and wisdom that we all gain from collaboration. I love the idea of listing worries and then closing the notebook. We still need to address our many issues, big and small, but this pushes us to take action, rather than just spin our wheels. Thanks for sharing these reflections!

    Liked by 1 person

    February 5, 2019

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