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Books on the Blog: Books for Young Activists

By Jen Greene

Be a King: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream and You by Carole Boston Weatherford

So many biographies are available to learn about Martin Luther King Jr., but this one tasks us to learn from him. What did he stand for and how can you be a King like Martin?  From simple starts such as, “Admit that you’ve done wrong. Just say, “I’m sorry,” and mean it,” to more activist calls to action like, “Beat the drum for justice. March to your own conscience,” Weatherford employs readers to take Martin’s philosophies and values and apply them to their own lives.  James E. Ransome’s detailed illustrations help to imagine what life could be like if you were to be a King.

A Little Radical:  The ABC’s of Activism by Danica & Jason Russell

This is an excellent book for younger students or those wanting to get more involved in advocacy and social justice.  Each letter of the alphabet reveals a part of activism and asks readers to consider how they might get involved, even in the smallest of ways.  For instance:  “S is for spark. The start of a fire. How one little life can ignite and inspire. Strike when you’re hot, even if you burn out. You may never know what your glow brings about. Most people are afraid of the dark. For the world to light up, we just need your spark.”

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