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Tools of the Trade: Tech Tasting

by Rita Sorrentino

September arrives with the turning of the calendar. It marks endings and beginnings, a bittersweet month. We transition from the free and relaxing days of summer to the more focused and organized schedules of autumn. We begin to feel a nip in the air, take note of the days getting shorter, and marvel at the graceful navigational skills of geese overhead.

For me, September is the perfect time for reflecting and setting goals. The fall foliage colorfully convinces us of the certainty of change. The year ahead is full of promise and energy. Without the fanfare of New Year’s, September whispers a gentle yet serious invitation to set the pace for our personal and professional lives.

Recently, I received an invitation to attend a Back-to School Professional Development Social Event: Tech Tasting. Yes, you read that right – tech tasting not test taking. Although I could not attend, I found the concept and the format intriguing. The event was sponsored by PAECT (Pennsylvania Association for Educational Communications and Technology). In addition to wine samplings, participants had an opportunity “ to taste” a variety of technologies and approaches to learning. With or without the wine, this type of event fosters enjoyable and rewarding learning opportunities. I can imagine the energy that resulted from exploring technologies and discussing implementation strategies. How wonderful to infuse our practices with a taste of excitement for teaching and learning. Read more