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A Writerly Life: Wisdom from Lynne Dorfman and Diane Dougherty

The children in our classrooms need to be encouraged to tell their stories, and when they do we must cherish and respect those stories, not simply mark them up with a red pen.

-Melinda Sterenczak (2016 participant of Grammar Matters)


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  1. This quote is so true and so inspiring! I feel that students tend to lose their stories (or their willingness to tell their stories) as they get older. When the students are young, they seem more excited to tell about their lives; but something changes as they age and suddenly become reluctant to share. I teach American Literature, and a goal of mine is to help my students realize that they, like the American authors that we study, have a voice and a story to tell. Their stories don’t have to be award-winning masterpieces; but they are no less important and deserve just as much appreciation. Hopefully they can use their stories to find their voices and discover themselves as writers.


    October 1, 2016
  2. ritasorrentino #

    Serious or funny, happy or sad, our stories unite us. Thanks for the quote.


    September 26, 2016

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