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Teacher to Teacher: Helping Students Write

by Lynne R. Dorfman

“I don’t have anything to write about!”  I remember how I felt every time I heard that announcement from one of my students. A few months ago, friend and colleague Rose Cappelli introduced me to Ralph Tells a Story by Amy Hanlon, a charming picture book about a little boy who could never think of anything to write about. Ralph’s best friend Daisy is always writing. She even wrote a story about Ralph. But when the students gather on the rug to share, Ralph’s heart beats wildly as he is called on to read his story. What follows is quite wonderful! Ralph begins to talk about finding an inchworm at the park. Daisy and other classmates ask him questions, and all of a sudden, Ralph is telling the story he didn’t write. His peers love his story, and that is all Ralph needs. Finally, Ralph becomes a writer. Read more