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A Writerly Life: Wisdom from Ralph Fletcher

This is a quotation that captures how I hope my students will feel about their notebooks next year. Bernadette Langdon  PAWLP Fellow 2016

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  1. janiceewing #

    Bernadette, thanks for highlighting this great quote for us. I love the way Fletcher envisions the notebook as friend who will listen to anything and everything. Just like a conversations with a close friend, some of the entries only need to be shared at that moment, and others will lead to further exploration. Like a trusted friend, the notebook can help us to see thought patterns and recurring images more clearly than we may have seen “on our own.”. Great food for thought!


    July 8, 2016
  2. Sometimes I wonder if there isn’t a need for a course just on the notebook–not so much what we do in it but more to Fletcher’s point above, how we positively impact the attitudes of all children, adolescents, and even the dread teenager (who believes he/she has no time to write) to embrace the notebook as a friend. This is sweet spot of our work–it is daunting and thrilling.

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    July 7, 2016

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