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Slice of Life 18: Grad Class, a Lighter Moment

By Janice Ewing Last week in my grad class a teacher fell off of her seat. How, I don’t know. One minute we were in the midst of a group discussion and the next minute she was on the floor laughing, fortunately. When the others saw that she was okay, they let themselves laugh too. I made sure that she was really okay, not just covering up embarrassment, and then paused as a realization washed over me. I thought about it for a minute, and then decided to share it with the class. This is what I told them. Read more

From the Classroom: How do we build our students’ readerly lives?

By Tricia Ebarvia

A few years ago, I read Kelly Gallagher’s Readicide, and since then, I’ve had to ask myself some tough questions about how and why I teach literature. This passage, in particular, continues to haunt me:

Shouldn’t schools be the place where students interact with interesting books? Shouldn’t the faculty have an ongoing, laser-like commitment to put good books in our students’ hands? Shouldn’t this be a front-burner issue at all times?

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