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Slice of Life 6: My Kitties’ Agenda

By Janice Ewing

6:00  Wake up large creatures who care for us with persistent, plaintive meowing for food

630 Post-breakfast nap

6:45 Do a slow and thorough inspection of the house, checking to see if anything has changed

7:00  Check out the bathroom after large creatures take showers;

(optional) perch between shower curtain and liner, poke at liner for interesting sound effects

7:15 Time for another nap, preferably in a sunny spot

7:30  Repeat inspection  (see 6:45)

7:45  Stop at kitchen door where string hangs from doorknob, wait (semi)patiently for big creature to dangle it suggestively, attack

8:00 Consider possibility of another nap; yes, it’s been a busy morning.

* This “Slice of Life” post is part of a larger blog series, hosted by the blog site, Two Writing Teachers: A Meeting Place for a World of Reflective Writers.

???????????Janice Ewing is an adjunct for Cabrini College and a co-director for the Pennsylvania Writing & Literature Project. Janice co-facilitates PAWLP’s “Continuity Days” and this blog. She is an avid reader and writer, and especially enjoys writing poems.

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  1. Oh to be a kitty cat! Lots of time for wonderful naps. (Speaking of which, I could use one right about now.)


    March 7, 2015
  2. Your post made me smile because it so perfectly describes what must go on inside a cat’s head.


    March 6, 2015
  3. rosecappelli #

    Nice post, Janice. I think one of the things participating in the SOL daily writing challenge does is to push us to try something new. I think you were very successful getting inside your kitties’ heads!


    March 6, 2015
  4. Great use of POV. I love my kitties. I shall remember this.


    March 6, 2015
  5. Janice,
    Love the point of view — It made realize I need to dangle the kitty toy on a string more often for our kitty, Big Fluff. Cleo likes her naps more than play 🙂
    Kitties or people — We all need more play time — and come to think of it more nap time in the sun. Love the slice of a kitty’s life.


    March 6, 2015
  6. Rita Sorrentino #

    Janice, you have captured their agenda purr-fectly. In a dozen lines, I get a vivid image of the morning activity at your house. Your use of parentheses adds a sense of realism.


    March 6, 2015

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