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In the Middle of Reading: Book Reviews

We continue our book review series today with some must-read titles for middle school readers, brought to us by Gabija Fischer. If you missed them, don’t forget to check out some YA titles adolescents will love, as well as a preview of an exciting, upcoming title for younger readers. And for a professional read, be sure to check out our review of Tom Newkirk’s latest here.

By Gabija Fischer

fourteenth-goldfishIn The Fourteenth Goldfish, Jennifer Holm presents the story of 11 year-old Ellie and her relationship with her scientist grandfather. His discovery on reversing the effects of aging resulted in his looking like a teenage boy. Teenage boys belong in school, so Ellie and her grandfather quickly become classmates. Not only is their relationship tested as they try to negotiate life at school as classmates, but also as Ellie begins to question the effects of certain scientific discoveries. A little adventure, a little philosophy, some science, and a lot of fun, this book is sure to please a wide audience. Read more